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In collaboration with Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency (LUESA) Solid Waste & Recycling Division , Rising Solutions, PLLC conducted a study to assess the customer satisfaction, usage behaviors, and knowledge of services offered at the Hickory Grove and North Mecklenburg Recycling Centers.  Research was conducted by customer surveys to provide customer perspective insight and allow for recommendations for the improvement of services available to residential and commercial clients. 

USDA Solid Waste Management, Rural Utilities Services has funded Dr. Olya Keen, UNC Charlotte, and collaboration  with Rising Solutions, PLLC. The project will determine whether disposal of pharmaceuticals into solid waste sites presents a risk to national water resources via leachate disposal. They will propose ways to mitigate it through operator training and community outreach.


A USDA SWM Workshop was held on August 14th at UNC Charlotte from 8:30am -2:30pm.

"Ways to Minimize the Impact of Disposed Pharmaceuticals on Water Resources"

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