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Our mission is to provide engineering and outreach services to facilitate rising above challenges through the utilization of our expertise, research, collaboration, and technical reports offering viable solutions

Regina Guyer, PE
Founder and President

Regina has over 20 years of experience in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. 

-  Licensed Professional Engineer in NC 

- Ph.D. Studies Infrastructure and Environmental Systems, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

- M.S. in Engineering - Civil and Environmental, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

-  B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Tennessee Technological University





Gina Ratajc
VP of Outreach and Education

Gina has nearly 15 years of experience in Education and Outreach.

- B.S. in Elementary Education and Spanish (double major), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  


Anna's Wedding Option 3.jpg
Kari Raburn, PhD
VP of Chemsitry and Engineering

Kari has over 10 years of experience in the Conventional and Alternative Energy Field.

- Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (Dissertation: Optimizing Noble Metal Promoter Addition in Cobalt Fischer Tropsch Catalysts), Brigham Young University

- M.S. in Technology and Engineering Education (Thesis of Investigation of Middle School Student Interest, Perception, and Attitude Toward Technology and Engineering), Brigham Young University

- B.S. in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Reservoir Production, Brigham Young University 

Anna Bischoff
Director of Data Processing

Anna has nearly 5 years of experience in Data Processing and Web Programming.

- B.S. in Bioinformatics with a minor in Computer Science, Brigham Young University

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